Why I use an electric scooter to commute to work

Electric scooters are becoming all the rage these days and with traffic in Dublin getting worse and worse this could be a new way to get around the city. Commuting to and from work is a real pain and adds to the stress of the day. If you are sick of being bumper to bumper for hours each day then maybe an electric scooter is the mode of transport for you!

We have been a fan of electric scooters for the last few months as I only live about 7kms from work. It is a really fun way to commute and I actually look forward to doing it most days. I usually just throw in my headphones, put on my favourite podcast Believe you me (check it out here) and I am in work in about 15 minutes. There is no worry about traffic or unexpected delays.

Up until recently electric scooters were seeing as a bit weird as there were not many of them around. People have become more used to them and within the last 12 months they seem to be everywhere. Now I get people asking me what they are like, where I got it and how often I use it. I got my electric scooter from the escooterstore.ie after doing some research online.

To answer a few of these questions they typically cost between €350 – €600 which is not that expensive all things considered. You will be saving money by using the electric scooter instead of paying for the bus or driving your own car which is always a money pit.

Most of the electric scooters can go quite a distance. The one I have is the Gotrax GXL and I believe it goes 20kms however I have never actually driven it that far. I think they are perfect for going short distances especially in small towns or around Dublin suburbs. I believe you can also rent these scooters but considering how cheap they are to buy there is not really much point if you want to use them regularly. Anyway just thought I would mention this as I get asked about it quite a lot when at practice!