International leagues could be back on the cards

The EU have announced that they will be released a European wide green list of safe countries which you can travel to. This will be updated every 10 days by the EU. Countries which are on the green list will allow people to travel to without the need to quarantine or without the need for a negative covid test. This is good news for the airsoft leagues of Europe as it means an internaional game could be back on the cards.

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It would be great to escape the cold Irish winter and head to the Canary islands which is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe for winter sun. With summer weather all year round, amazing beaches and it only a reasonably short flight from Europe if the Canary islands come onto the green list then it will definitely be good for the economy there which hugely relies on tourism.

Here at our center we have updated the warehouse with safety equipment including sanitizing stations. Social distancing is not a huge issue as the aim of the game is to stay away from people so that is not a big concern. We have updated our reception area with gaming chairs from as well as a new coffee machine to welcome people back after the few months off.

Although Dublin cases we have been quite high recently there is no talk of a severe lockdown so we should be able to operate as normal for the next few months at least. If we can get an international match arranged then we will do that and we will see how things pan out over the coming months. Some people are still not giong to travel which is fine but if we have the numbers we can head to Spain and get a match there. Stay safe!