How you can use an android TV box for your airsoft facility:

How you can use an android TV box for your airsoft facility:

If you are looking to take your airsoft facility to the next level then you be sure to read this post! You can now get an android TV box app called Battletec so your team leader can track your teams movements and coordinate attacks in real time. This android TV box app allows for real time GPS tracking, live messaging and you can label each team member individually such as “bravo” or “alpha”.

This is a game changer and can be a great addition. It reminds me of the famous scene in the Aliens movie where the lieutenant is commanding his squad using the cameras and map from his armoured vehicle. All you need to do this is to download the app from Google Playstore for free! Obviously you will need an Android TV Box or maybe multiple android boxes to cover two teams of players and two team leaders.

You can also use your android TV box to do other cool things such as count stats, display cool designs on the walls with a projector to give different ambiences or even just use it in the lounge area to play music videos like a lot of places do.

To do something like this we recommend getting quite a powerful box as the Battletec app can take up a fair amount of resources. Usually a 3GB box should do it and you would need about 32GB of storage to get all the apps you need. We see have a few good boxes like the X92 for a reasonable price so maybe check them and support other Irish businesses.

We think the addition of the Battletec app will add a lot to the game. You can even make it, it’s own game and have it on one night a week with teams allowed to use the app and see what people think. Might make a nice change from the standard games. Try it out and let us know how you get on!