Hoverboards Ireland – Be safe this summer!

Hoverboards have fast become kids favourite when it comes to Christmas, birthday presents or any sort of event that the kid expects to receive a gift! There has however been reports in the past of such hoverboards catching fire and other serious incidents so we just wanted to take this opportunity to tell our readers what to look for when shopping for a hoverboard.

Firstly there are many different types of hoverboards for sale. Most of them have 2 wheels and are run by a lithium battery and it is this battery that has caused some issues in the past. Some hoverboards are even Bluetooth and come with built in speakers. The main cause of the fire is usually a low quality lithium battery and its placement to other electronics such as a the speaker.

This can lead to over heating when charging and the hoverboard can catch fire. Another cause of this issue is low quality power units coming from China. If the plug does not have a CE certified mark on it then it could potentially be dangerous. We contacted a few web stores including hoverboards Ireland and they said that all of their hoverboards are indeed certified and safe to use.

There has been a bit of scare mongering with regards to these hoverboards. The issues that have happened are a very very small percentage out of a huge amount of hoverboards being sold. We did however just want to let people know that you just need to look for these simple certifications before purchasing and then you should have nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of good suppliers of these but just make sure to ask them for these certifications if they do not advertise it on their site then there could be an issue. Just be safe this summer and enjoy giving these to your kids in confidence that they are safe!