What are the best electric scooters for adults in the UK?

Top Electric Scooters in the UK

Electric scooters are popular in the UK as they come with the best electric motor and advanced battery technology. There are various advantages of having the electric scooters and let us discuss some of them below that are available on adultelectricscooters.co.uk.

Pollution free

The entire electric vehicle comes with long battery life, and it does not burn fuels for running. All these quality of the electric scooter made it the pollution free and convenient. It also helps to reduce the bad environmental effect and tries to improve air quality.

Quiet and eco-friendly

The electric scooter is quiet and eco-friendly, which is better than all other gas vehicles.

These two reasons are responsible for the popularity of electric scooters.

Let us discuss the top two electric scooters the UK.

electric scooter for adults
  1. Go-Ped ESR 750

Go-Ped is one of the best companies which provide various models of electric scooters, and you can also choose from different models for your personal use. It is made from the best quality material and comes with powerful performance. The design of the scooter is stylish, and the company offers the product more reliability and durability.

The battery is made from the lead, which delivers more power and speed while riding. As discussed earlier, there are several different models, and each one of them comes with different specs.

  1. Vectrix maxi scooter

The company is started by the small number of engineers which make the best electric scooters. These scooters come with a convenient range, best battery, stable design, and some other qualities. It has two models, and you can choose from any of them. The best part about the scooter is that it comes with the regenerative braking system, which is for the safety purpose.

These are the top two electric scooters available in the UK, and you can go for any of them.

Buying Guide for Refurbished iPhones

The majority of the people who love to buy an iPhone but cannot afford it because of the high prices, and the best part is that the companies such as one of our members offering many models of refurbished iPhones at reasonable rates on phonesforsale.ie. If you are going to purchase the set then before going for it look at these essential points which will help you buying the right one for you. Mark is one of our members here at the nairtl.ie and you can read one of his posts here.

  • Always try to check the state of the refurbished iphone

You will find numerous amount of iPhone’s in the market to buy, but you need to ensure that there will be no sign of any physical damage, scratches, and check the screen display and watermarks on it and furthermore, all the iPhone contains moisture detectors which will tell you that if the phone is water damaged or not. You can easily ask the seller to check if the phone is damaged or not.

  • Check whether the phone is blacklisted or not

Before going for the refurbished iPhone always try to ensure that it is not blacklisted. If the phone is blacklisted, then it will not work properly, and if the phone is locked, then it will limit the carrier which means that you will not be able to use the network of your choice.

  • Return policy

If the seller or distributor offers customers a return policy of the refurbished iPhone, then you don’t need to think more go for it. If you are trying to buy the phone online ensures that they provide a minimum of 10 days return policy to you in case of any physical damage or working.

These all are the key points to remember before going for it and moreover, if you find the best one of your choice then go for it.

Hoverboards Ireland – Be safe this summer!

Hoverboards have fast become kids favourite when it comes to Christmas, birthday presents or any sort of event that the kid expects to receive a gift! There has however been reports in the past of such hoverboards catching fire and other serious incidents so we just wanted to take this opportunity to tell our readers what to look for when shopping for a hoverboard.

Firstly there are many different types of hoverboards for sale. Most of them have 2 wheels and are run by a lithium battery and it is this battery that has caused some issues in the past. Some hoverboards are even Bluetooth and come with built in speakers. The main cause of the fire is usually a low quality lithium battery and its placement to other electronics such as a the speaker.

This can lead to over heating when charging and the hoverboard can catch fire. Another cause of this issue is low quality power units coming from China. If the plug does not have a CE certified mark on it then it could potentially be dangerous. We contacted a few web stores including hoverboards Ireland and they said that all of their hoverboards are indeed certified and safe to use.

There has been a bit of scare mongering with regards to these hoverboards. The issues that have happened are a very very small percentage out of a huge amount of hoverboards being sold. We did however just want to let people know that you just need to look for these simple certifications before purchasing and then you should have nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of good suppliers of these but just make sure to ask them for these certifications if they do not advertise it on their site then there could be an issue. Just be safe this summer and enjoy giving these to your kids in confidence that they are safe!

Why I use an electric scooter to commute to work

Electric scooters are becoming all the rage these days and with traffic in Dublin getting worse and worse this could be a new way to get around the city. Commuting to and from work is a real pain and adds to the stress of the day. If you are sick of being bumper to bumper for hours each day then maybe an electric scooter is the mode of transport for you!

We have been a fan of electric scooters for the last few months as I only live about 7kms from work. It is a really fun way to commute and I actually look forward to doing it most days. I usually just throw in my headphones, put on my favourite podcast Believe you me (check it out here) and I am in work in about 15 minutes. There is no worry about traffic or unexpected delays.

Up until recently electric scooters were seeing as a bit weird as there were not many of them around. People have become more used to them and within the last 12 months they seem to be everywhere. Now I get people asking me what they are like, where I got it and how often I use it. I got my electric scooter from the escooterstore.ie after doing some research online.

To answer a few of these questions they typically cost between €350 – €600 which is not that expensive all things considered. You will be saving money by using the electric scooter instead of paying for the bus or driving your own car which is always a money pit.

Most of the electric scooters can go quite a distance. The one I have is the Gotrax GXL and I believe it goes 20kms however I have never actually driven it that far. I think they are perfect for going short distances especially in small towns or around Dublin suburbs. I believe you can also rent these scooters but considering how cheap they are to buy there is not really much point if you want to use them regularly. Anyway just thought I would mention this as I get asked about it quite a lot when at practice!

How you can use an android TV box for your airsoft facility:

How you can use an android TV box for your airsoft facility:

If you are looking to take your airsoft facility to the next level then you be sure to read this post! You can now get an android TV box app called Battletec so your team leader can track your teams movements and coordinate attacks in real time. This android TV box app allows for real time GPS tracking, live messaging and you can label each team member individually such as “bravo” or “alpha”.

This is a game changer and can be a great addition. It reminds me of the famous scene in the Aliens movie where the lieutenant is commanding his squad using the cameras and map from his armoured vehicle. All you need to do this is to download the app from Google Playstore for free! Obviously you will need an Android TV Box or maybe multiple android boxes to cover two teams of players and two team leaders.

You can also use your android TV box to do other cool things such as count stats, display cool designs on the walls with a projector to give different ambiences or even just use it in the lounge area to play music videos like a lot of places do.

To do something like this we recommend getting quite a powerful box as the Battletec app can take up a fair amount of resources. Usually a 3GB box should do it and you would need about 32GB of storage to get all the apps you need. We see www.androidtvboxes.ie/ have a few good boxes like the X92 for a reasonable price so maybe check them and support other Irish businesses.

We think the addition of the Battletec app will add a lot to the game. You can even make it, it’s own game and have it on one night a week with teams allowed to use the app and see what people think. Might make a nice change from the standard games. Try it out and let us know how you get on!

Why we think the Kugoo S1 is the best electric scooter on the market:

Why we think the Kugoo S1 is the best electric scooter on the market:

There are many electric scooters on the market with the most well known being the Xiaomi M365 which has been acclaimed as the flagship electric scooter of the new generation of adult electric scooters. Xiaomi are of course a well known brand and a Chinese giant who are not far off Apple in their annual turnover and the M365 scooter is a great product there is no doubt about it. However there are other rivals lurking from smaller companies who are slowly starting get a grip on the market.

One of those rivals is an electric scooter from the brand called Kugoo. Kugoo are based in Germany and they have recently released their own brand scooter called the Kugoo S1. What is impressive about this electric scooter is that it does everything the other electric scooters do but the price point is much more affordable and seemlingly without a huge dip in quality.

The Kugoo S1 electric scooter has a range of 25kms and a max speed of 25kms which is the same as other more expensive scooters on the market. It is also considerably lighter at just 10kg so it is easy to carry around and you can also fold the electric scooter for storage easily. The Kugoo S1 also comes with an LCD digital display that shows you your journey information such as speed, distance and how much battery you have remaining.

People may be hesitant not knowing the brand Kugoo but the reviews all over the web are that this scooter is better in every way than its more expensive adversaries. They are not widely available as of yet and the only place we could find them online available for delivery in Ireland is from https://www.it-directory.ie/collections/electric-scooters-ireland. Their price of €429 is acutally cheaper than over seas websites and with free delivery it seems like a good price for a well reviewed electric scooter.