CASTL Convening Nov 07

Members of the CASTL Institutional Leadership Graduate Education network held their second convening in University College Cork on 8 November 2007. The convening was followed by a NAIRTL symposium on Graduate Education on 9 November, to which each of the institutions contributed. Members also attended and contributed to discussions in the NAIRTL / IUQB international conference on Teaching and Learning on 9th and 10th November.

The convening was very well attended, with the following nineteen delegates present:

  • Dr Barbara Bender; Dr Monica Devanas, Rutgers University, USA
  • Dr Michael Solem, Association of American Geographers, USA
  • Dr Stephen Esquith; Dr Karen Klomparens; Dr Colleen Tremonte; Dr Mark Sullivan, Michigan State University, USA
  • Dr Christine Pfund; Dr Kitch Barnicle, CIRTL, University Of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
  • Dr Sophia Howlett; Joanna Renc-Roe; Matyas Szabo; Tatiana Yarkova, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Dr Lorraine Fleming, Howard University, USA
  • Prof Aine Hyland; Dr Bettie Higgs; Dr Norma Ryan; Dr John O’Halloran; Dr Alan Kelly; Marian McCarthy, University College Cork.

Each institution in the network provided an update on its activities and projects since the network was initiated.  Most institutions indicated an interest in contributing to a collection of articles and papers, with some papers being submitted by colleagues not present at the convening.  Each presenter provided an abstract of their paper and there was a wide-ranging discussion about the purpose and dissemination of these papers.  Some delegates favoured a selective approach with publication being subject to peer review and exacting standards.  Others felt that a mix of papers would be enriching: some papers might be predominantly descriptive while others might be scholarly and analytical.  Some institutions had already co-ordinated their approach and had submitted draft papers.  Others were at a more preliminary stage. Members agreed to produce a collection of papers / articles on Graduate Education for circulation initially among members of the network and for possible eventual publication. 

Graduate Education International Symposium
Workshops and presentations were delivered by national and international experts as follows:

Dr. Alan Kelly, UCC
Developments in Graduate Education in University College Cork   

Dr. Barbara Bender & Dr. Monica Devanas, Rutgers University, USA
Building a Culture of Scholarship and Teaching with the CASTL Project Rutgers University  

Dr. Sophie Howlett, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Graduate Education in Eastern Europe: remarks towards a new SOTL research agenda  

Dr. Bettie Higgs, UCC
Promoting students’ Integrative Learning on a first year residential field course in Geosciences   

Dr. Michael Solem, American Association of Geographers, USA
Enhancing Departments and Graduate Education in Geography: A Disciplinary Project in Professional Development  

Ms. Marian McCarthy, UCC
Teaching for Understanding: How can this pedagogical framework help faculty to document their teaching and student learning?

Dr. Katherine Barnicle & Dr. Christine Pfund, CIRTL, USA
The CIRTL Network - Shaping, Connecting, and Supporting Future STEM Faculty

Dr. Shane Kilcommins, UCC
Signature Pedagogies and Legal Education: raising epistemological and pedagogical concerns  

Professor Colin Bradley, UCC
Basic medical education in Ireland - educating graduates and undergraduates together – challenges and opportunities 

Dr. Stephen L. Esquith, Michigan State University, USA
Graduate Education and in an Undergraduate Residential College in the Arts and Humanities 

Dr. Eleanor O’Sullivan, UCC
Faculty Development: Educating the Educators!

Dr. Patrick Finnegan, UCC
Balancing Challenges and Skills in Doctoral Education: An Exploratory Study of Flow

The proceedings of this event will be published here shortly.

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