Implementing Learning Outcomes 2006

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Conference brochure 667 kb

Presentations (PDF format)
Hunt, Nuala 463 kb
Katsikas, Sokratis 884 kb
Kennedy, Declan 2,586 kb
Ledwith, Ann 235 kb
McCreary, Christine 533 kb
McMahon, Tim 222 kb
Murray, Jim 542 kb
Ryan, Norma 645 kb
Sursock, Andree 149 kb


Please note that we were not able to obtain electronic copies of some posters.

Allen, Edith School of Dentistry, 404 kb
"A Learning Outcomes approach in the development of a course in Restorative Dentistry"

Bogue, Joe Food Business & Development 193 kb
"Using a Learning Outcomes Approach to Re-designing FE 6005 Strategic Food Marketing"

Boylan, Geraldine Paediatrics & Child Health 173 kb
"A Proposal for the Development of the MSc in Child Health using a Learning Outcomes Approach"

Bradley, Colin General Practice 196 kb
"The Evolution of Learning Outcomes for the General Practice Module of the Undergraduate Medicine Course in UCC School of Medicine"

Byrne, Edmond Process & Chemical Engineering 276 kb
"Applying Learning Outcomes to PE3001 Applied Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics"

Culloty, Sarah ZEPS 1,096 kb
"A Learning Outcomes approach to the teaching of Immunology to third year Zoology & Ecology students"

Doyle-Prestwich, Barbara ZEPS 472 kb
"Use of Learning Outcomes in the teaching of Pharmacognosy

Kelly, Martina General Practice 107 kb
"Movie Magic – a learning outcomes   approach to what medical students can learn from film studies"

Kiely, Mairead Food & Nutritional Sciences 301 kb
"Using a Learning Outcomes Approach to optimise the Learning and Teaching Experience in Clinical Nutrition "

Kilcommins, Shane Law 82 kb
"Seeking Learning Outcomes for Law students in a Masters Course in Penology (LW 545)"

Malone, Aileen Paediatrics & Child Health 63 kb
"Learning Outcomes Applied to An Undergraduate Research Module"

McCreary, Christine Dental School 1,405 kb
"The Use of  a Learning Outcomes Approach To Re-design A 4th Year Dental Surgery Module"

Morrison, John Computer Science 49 kb
"Learning Outcomes in the Teaching of Software Engineering: A Practical Approach for the Uninitiated Student"

Morrissey, John Microbiology 129 kb
"Redesigning a Microbiology Lecture Module using the Learning
Outcomes Strategy: MB3005 - Molecular Microbial Ecology"

Murphy, Joanne Management & Marketing 1,410 kb
"Learning Outcomes: Public & Private Management"

O'Sullivan Siobhan Biochemistry 2,823 kb
"Teaching Cancer Biology to Postgraduate Students in Science Education using a Learning Outcomes Approach"

Reidy, Theresa Government 191 kb
"Applying Learning Outcomes to the Teaching of Public Finance"

Ryan, Paddy General Practice 98 kb
"Learning Outcomes for Practice Management"

Ryan, Tony Paediatrics & Child Health 249 kb
"Tomorrow’s doctors: Medical & Dental Students’ Understanding the Roles of the Qualified Professional"

Sheehan JP CIT 1,160 kb
"Value That!"

Shortiss, Carmel Microbiology 283 kb
"Use of Learning Outcomes to Design a Practical Microbiology Module"

Whelton, Helen University Dental School, Cork 11 Mb
"Teaching Epidemiology to Postgraduate Dental Students – A Learning Outcomes Approach"

Wills, Teresa Nursing 57 kb
"Use of Learning Outcomes in the Teaching of Infection Control"

Woods, Noel Centre for Policy Studies 98 kb
"Designing Learning Outcomes for EC1102 – Economic Accounting and Measurement" 

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