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NAIRTL Conference
The 6th annual Conference took place in Trinity College Dublin from 28-29 June.

Desk Research Project
NAIRTL has compiled a composite report on national and international policies and practices which may inform the development of the National Academy for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (further details).

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'A more focused curriculum and improved learning': new NAIRTL publication on using Threshold Concepts to advance student learning
Drawing on key insights from a NAIRTL conference on the same theme, a new NAIRTL publication "Threshold Concepts: from personal practice to communities of practice" encourages teachers in Higher Education to focus on building students’ understanding of key concepts rather than teaching an ever expanding list of topics. The former approach being more suited to creating high quality, engaged graduates. An online version of the publication is now available to download.

Supporting Research Supervisors: interactive guide available
The culmination of a four-year inter-institutional project to develop strategies for optimising support for research supervisors, this publication summarises the experiences of the six participating Higher Education institutions. The project involved the collaborative development, piloting and implemention of a framework curriculum for supporting research supervisors. This practical guide provides commentaries and guidance on approaches to such training as well as links to useful resources and tools. Access the free interactive publication here

NAIRTL Threshold Concepts conference - videos now online
The National Academy's recent conference attracted close to 300 delegates representing 16 countries across four continents; a truly international event! Full videos of the four keynote presentations as well as the conference programme and book of abstracts are now available at www.nairtl.ie/conference2012.The 2014 conference has been confirmed for July 10-11 and will be held in Durham University

Threshold Concepts: from personal practice to communities of practice
Author: Catherine OMahony et al

Proceedings of the National Academy’s Sixth Annual Conference and the ...

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NAIRTL Grants Initiative: Evaluation of Impact
Author: Jennifer Murphy and Aimie Brennan

This report evaluates the impact of research projects that were ...

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Multiple Intelligences
Author: Áine Hyland

This publication details the findings of a collaborative project examining ...

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Upcoming Events
ISSOTL 2014: Nurturing passion and creativity in Teaching and Learning
In higher education as well as in most other educational contexts, creativity and passion are undoubtedly at the core of all successful initiatives in teaching and learning. From a fundamental ...
22 October, 2014
7th Annual HEIR Conference: From Research to Action
The Annual HEIR conference will be held this year at Oxford Brookes University on the 8th and 9th of September. The main theme of this year’s conference is the complex ...
8 September, 2014

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